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10730 Pacific Street #217 

Omaha, NE 68114

Tel: 719.368.9934



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About me

Food is not just my passion, sometimes I feel like it's my purpose. There is no place on this planet that I feel more comfortable than in the kitchen.

Whether I'm in a professional kitchen, directing my team while preparing an amazing course for our guests, or in my own home preparing an elgant meal for my family.  It's a symphony of flavors and an opportunity for greatness each and every time I prepare a dish.


After tasing my food people always try to find a reason for me to come and cook for them and their friends. I figured enough is enough. It's time to share my creations with the world.


I love to create, I love to recreate, and I love to collaborate. Most of all I love seeing peoples faces after tasting my food!


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